Stebel Magnum TM/1 chrome high tone


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Stebel Magnum TM/1 chrome high tone

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This powerful single tone horn produces as much as 136 dB with a 500 Hz high frequency. A very effective plug & play solution for replacing your current weak horn.

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The popular and powerful Magnum horns are also available separately now with either a low tone or high tone. Together, the high and low tone form the well-known set TM80/2 Magnum. 

No relay is needed, you can connect this horn to the existing wiring. Lack of space on the engine is no longer a problem; there is always room for this horn.

2 brackets are included for physical installation.

The sound fragment of this horn gives you a good impression of the type of sound. The actual force can only be experienced when you have installed it.

Size: diameter is 7 centimetres, thickness is 6.5 centimetres, largest diameter through shell is 10.5 centimetres
Weight: 240 grams
Relay needed: no
Voltage: 12 volts